Well, here he is folks.  The new kid on the block.


Found out by the garbage, skinny as a rail (he's already put on weight in this picture).  No wonder, he eats like a horse!


No collar.  Feet  all bloody from running.  He couldn't walk the next day.  Starving, and very thirsty.  Why didn't Mommy just leave him out there?


Beau is big and sloppy, clumsy and too friendly.  He always wants to play and runs me over.  He sticks his big nose in my face when I am trying to sleep.


He chases golf carts, any kid on a bike, and had Tiggy up in a tree for 3 days.  Mommy is trying to be patient, but I can tell he's wearing her out.   She says Beau will learn with kindness and patience, but I only wish that he would learn to leave us alone!


Whoops! There goes Mommy sprinting after Beau.  He managed to get the door open, and he's after a golfer again!




Bibi's Playhouse

I wish that he would just go away!


BOXER by Kiran Levy



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BEAU is a Boxer and Greyhound Mix

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