Since this was written, Beau has gotten to be a much better dog!† He now sits, lies down,† and stays on command!† This has been very useful when he wants to chase someone!


Beau understands just about everything.† He listens, finally!† He has made remarkable improvement on realizing that humans do communicate in other ways other than by hitting .† He has begun to trust, and his growing confidence is turning him into an excellent guard dog.† Of course, fencing the yard had helped him understand his boundaries!


He has also learned...tenderness!† Yes, that big goofy dog has a big heart, and actually gets quite choked up when hugged and kissed and told what a good boy he is!† He has a great sense of humor, and loves to play!† When he wants attention, he makes funny faces that make everyone laugh!


Beau certainly needs more training, and I feel that by the time he grows up a bit more, he will become a good dog just like Kiwi!†






P.S. Well, almost as good a dog as Kiwi!

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BEAU Update

Page 2 of which I believe there will be many as Beauís adventures continue!








We found that treats are very effective for training purposes.



Beau learns his lessons very well as long as Mommy keeps the cookies coming!

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