This elegant ten year old girl was brought to the vet to be euthanized by her long-time owner after a diagnosis of possible renal failure.  Luckily, the vet thought Gigi might have a few good years left in her.


Gigi ends up at Coastal Poodle Rescue (.org). Terrified, she hides behind a toilet for  five days, refusing to come out to eat.


c.starkey, having some experience with frightened dogs, agrees to foster Gigi. (see About Bibi)


Upon arrival at c.starkey’s house, Gigi takes advantage of a little space under the fence and tears off down the street,  much to everyone’s horror! c. starkey follows in hot pursuit.


A wild chase ensues!  Neighbors join in, traffic is stopped, and a goodly crowd is put into action. Finally, after jumping into a canal, Gigi is “captured” and brought home.  She looks rather pleased with herself.


Gigi has certainly settled in since that first day!


Gigi has blossomed with good nutrition, kindness and love.  Her renal failure has receded thanks to herbal remedies and easy access to the garden.


She is a super girl, a great companion, and has the funniest sense of humor!  She loves to go to work, where she naps all day. When she isn’t greeting customers, she goes to the  cafe around the corner and orders lunch (chicken).


Her adventures are chronicled in a coming book, “Bibi and Gigi” (not yet available).



Well mannered


Sleep all day, and usually all night


Minimum exercise required


You can  teach old dogs new tricks


Great quiet companions

Bibi's Playhouse


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