Bibi's Playhouse

Bibi by Kiran Levy

Bibi was scared of men, noise, other dogs, loud voices, raised arms, brooms - everything.  If I dropped a plate, she would  hide under the bed where she would tremble for hours.  It took two years of happy running on the beach, lots of kisses, and endless hours sleeping on my lap, (where she is right now) before Bibi stopped jumping in alarm at my touch.


Bibi goes with me everywhere that's possible .  During our travels and outings, we’ve met many wonderful people and had quite a few amusing adventures that have become the stories in the Bibi Books.

Bibi has been a source of inspiration to me.  I hope that she will inspire you to adopt a pet from an animal shelter and find the wonderful relationship between humans and animals,,,that’s just waiting there to be discovered.





Now, I can honestly say she is happy and joyful.  She is fearless, growling at Beau and stealing his bone, chewing on the kitties’ ears, and barking at anyone that comes too close.  The hand that reaches for her in the night produces only the lazy reaction of rolling over for a belly rub.

About Bibi

was given to me about six years ago.  She had been badly abused by her breeder, and literally spent her days hiding under a bed, traumatized.  My arms reached out to take her, because I never wanted anybody to hurt this little thing again.



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